How to turn off or on mail notification when comments added to the files on Document Libraries?

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We know that this is very useful feature to receive mail notification when any comment is added to the file uploaded on Document libraries.

Would like to understand more about this functionality, as I noticed we are receiving mail notification even when @ mention isn't used. What is the general rules for sending, not sending email notification and how to turn on & off this feature??

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@marisuzu  Try this one.


If that doesn't work, you should find a link at the bottom of your notification email where you can deactivate these notifications..

Regards, Magnus

Thank you Magnus, oh I see, the setting is available in OneDrive and I did find a link at the bottom of my notification to deactivate/ activate these notifications.
By looking at this setting, it seems that I cannot deactivate notifications for my comments added to someone else's documents in Document libraries, i.e. it depends on his or her OneDrive notification settings.