How to start automatic numbering at 83 in a SharePoint list?

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I have migrated an Excel spreadsheet to a SP list that tracks our project's risks.  I would really like to utilize the ID# automatic numbering capability, however, since I am working with existing risks, I need the automatic numbering to start at 83 to avoid duplicate numbers.  I have seen a lot of info on how to create unique numbering patterns, ie: AS-001 but I have not been able to find anything that has worked on how to start the numbering at something other than 1.  


Any help is much appreciated! 

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@amazon439 that's because it's not possible. SharePoint will save an ID for every item and it will start at 1. Always. You can't change this. All you could do is to have a separate number column that starts at 83 and then use a flow in Power Automate to increment it.


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