How to push a news article to Sharepoint home page?

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Use case > we want to push very important corporate news articles to the SharePoint home page of every user. We've created a Communication site , granted Visitor access for 'Everyone except externals' , then published a news article within the Comms site. We started to follow the site collection & then waited for several hours (to make sure indexing was refreshed). Some users do see the news article appearing in the upper section of the home page, others don't. It's not fully clear how this process is working, hence a few questions.

  • Can the news article only appear if one follows the site?
  • Is there any option to surface/push/force the news article to appear (Office Graph settings)?
  • Will the article stay in place after you've read the article (or will it only disappear when more recent articles get published)?

Tx for clarifyingNewsArticle_SPHomePage.png

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Used to have to follow to see news on the SharePoint home page or at least have it as on you frequent. However with new SharePoint home coming we’ll be able to direct them to the home comm site by default but that’s not quite ready yet.

Ala work around might be org news. This should designate it to show for everyone.

Set-spoorgnewssite powershell with url to that comm site will mark its news as the org source and I think should then promote the news for everyone regardless of following that site. After setting wait a bit and you should see the site of the news is on have a colored highlighted background. Then check users without. The article may need edit and republished after setting as well. Give that a whirl.
Tx Chris for this super fast response. We'll definitely try your suggestion.