How to populate the TITLE column (via Power Automate?)

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I have made a SharePoint list. I really have no use for the TITLE field, as all of my other fields in that lists are getting values from a lot of dropdown values (lookup columns).


I need to populate the TITLE field with the value from e.g. another column that I called SWIMMER.


As far as I know, the TITLE column cannot get values from a lookup field by switching the default value from TEXT to CALCULATED VALUE option. If it's possible, then how do I do it?


If it's not possible, I guess I need to create a Power Automate workflow, which will copy the value from the SWIMMER field into the TITLE field?


Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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@jensjakobsen1966 So out of curiosity, Do you really need the Title field to be populated? if not, you can try this and see if that fulfills your requirement.
- Go to List Settings -> Columns -> Click on "Title" -> Require that this column contains information -> Choose "No" -> Save



- From the Default view and any other view, de-select Title field

Yes - I need the column TITLE to be populated as I will create a PowerApp on top of it.


Ok Thanks for the detail. So you are correct in assumption that you can't set Calculated Value based on another column as Default value. See following forum discussion which explains as to why it's not possible to set it this way.


So if you are planning to use PowerApps, Can you actually create an additional column to fill out the value that you are wanting to have in that column and use it for your business logic?

- Second option would be to fire off a Flow (as you have already mentioned) once the item is created and update the Title column to the value you desire.

@Dhiren Mehta - thank you.


Can we take it a step further, please?


Some of my users will populate data directly from SharePoint, and others will do so from a PowerApp.


So in my view, I believe I need to make a Power Automate flow.


How would that look like?

I've tried to build one, but I get an error on the GET ITEMS, that fails. I've provided 2 screendumps:
1. The error, and the error description.
2. My attempt at the Power Automate flow


get_error.png25m ben test power automate.png


@jensjakobsen1966 @Dhiren Mehta ,


Appreciate the idea of not requiring a value in the title column, as that was a great start for my SP List.   Would also love to discern how to auto update/advance a number series in a column, whether title or not, as it seems the title column needed as some sort of "anchor" to the entire list, whether used or not.  


I'd like to discern which flow trigger works best to auto update a new item with a sequential number (ie:  SP List has 1 intital entry, and the next "create new item" updates the number column to 2, and so-on.  


Is this possible with triggers:  1) when an item is created,  2) when an item is created or modified?   Or is using "calculated value" in list settings an option?    I'm not quite sure how to "link" a new item created to the previous/last item ID number completed.  

For what its worth, I just solved my own problem noting the "ID" is a field already created in a SP List, though often its "hidden" from the display view. In List Settings >> Views >> All Items, you can select box to display the "ID" column. Of course, this may not work with fancier requests for an item number like USB-001, etc.


I have this working:

There is a power automate template called "Update the title of SharePoint item when a new item is created"....using that template, under WHEN AN ITEM IS CREATED enter your Site Address and make the List Name "Documents" and then under UPDATE ITEM, use the same list name "Documents" and insert the NAME column into the TITLE field. Save it and it will run each time a new file is uploaded to your library. You can show the Title field in that library to watch it populate...then hide it again. Over in your SP List, add a lookup, documents, Title field (i allowed multiple values). Then in list settings\advance settings, set "attachments to list items are:" to DISABLED.





you're a lifesaver, worked for me. Gonna start doing this when I create lists from now on
Can you share any screen shots of the flow? I'm not sure what steps where to make the LIST NAME "Documents" as my List Names are already named something else. (not sure if this is named in the flow using data operations commands, or its the actual list name). Also unsure where the NAME column is since its not apparent in my SP List. Thanks for the idea and assisting as I'm eager to get this going.

@jensjakobsen1966 a calculated column can be created and linked to the Title (or any other column) with  =[Column name] added in the formula field (Column name being the name of the column you have inserted).  This calculated column will then always have the same text string as the Title column can then be used in place of the Title field for deep links, etc


I know this isn't what you are asking, but could be a potential workaround.