How to have the Document Set ID embedded into your word templates as a property to select from

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I am creating a QMS, and have built templates where the document ID and document title automatically populate upon creation.


Each quality document will have a native Word & PDF file associated with it, currently, sharepoint generates two different IDs which means when the PDF is uploaded the ID does not match what is stated in the document.


To overcome this, I have created Document Sets, so that the native doc & PDF can be placed under them and I want to use the Document Set ID as the overarching Document Number stated on the document.


In the Word templates, I am unable to select Document Set ID in the drop-down, does anyone know a way to do this?


I attempted to create a look-up column so the documents have the Document Set ID within their properties, however, cannot get it to populate correctly.

Does anyone have steps to create this successfully? 


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It seems you are using here the autogenerated ID column for a given document library as a way to identify documents that belongs to the same set. Unfortunately, there is not a simple way to grab the Document Set ID column and use as ID for your documents. Some possible solutions for your scenario you might try:
(1) Instead of using the default ID column, define a calculated column where you generate the ID in the format you require and make this column as shared column in your Document set definition so you can use it in any document
(2) Use the ID column in the document set as master and with a Power Automate Flow copy the ID value on a different colunm of your documents