how to generate a document with sharepoint

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im'not familiar with programming and and I would like to be able to use a sharepoint list to easily generate document file. is it possible ?
If yes, could you help me and explain me the procedure to follow?



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@EiC4733 not within SharePoint itself but you can do this with a flow in Power Automate, so I recommend you start to learn this. There are good videos on YouTube by Shane Young and others.


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merci @robelliot
Je n'ai pas trouvé de vidéo de Shane Young sur le sujet mais j'en ai trouvé d'autre. Les configurations ne sont pas exactement les mêmes mais cela m'aide déjà un peu. Comme je suis loin d'être parfaitement bilingue, j'ai un peu de mal mais je continue à chercher
I couldn't find a Shane Young video on the subject but I found another one. The configurations are not exactly the same but that already helps me a little. As I am far from being perfectly bilingual, I have a little trouble but I continue to seek