How to force rerun the SharePoint online Taxonomy Update scheduler job to update TaxonomyHiddenList


Hi! Guys,

I am trying to use the SharePoint Online TaxonomyHiddenList in a Power Apps project but I have an issue. The issue is the TaxonomyHiddenList is not updated asynchronously after any changes to the term stores.
So is there any workaround to force rerun the SharePoint online Taxonomy Update scheduler to get this list updated?

More details:
I have two team sites on SharePoint Online.
First one has a site collection term store when try to navigate to myTeamSite/Lists/TaxonomyHiddenList/AllItems.aspx I can see all terms but if there is any updates to terms it takes time to be synced to the List.

Second one has also site collection term store but when I tried to navigate to the TaxonomyHiddenList I can not find and terms synced to the list.

So, can anyone help on figuring out this issue and how to fire this sync to be fired by Powershell or Azure Function app?

Mohammad Amer

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@Mohammad Amer Try raising a support ticket if you dont see the sync happening in 24 Hours.   We dont have access to run the timer Job. 

@Maruthi Gadde did you ever find a solution. I'm strugling with the same issue

@Nicolai Danielsen 
It was a while since I stuck with this issue. I tried to do workaround to solve this issue.

My workaround was to use the term in sample item and remove the item, this way the TaxonomyHiddenList get updated with new term.

@Umerk Brilliant tip, thanks! 

Temporarily add a term to the Term Store, then delete the temporary term and the TaxonomyHiddenList is immediately updated.  Awesome, works beautifully :)