How to embed an IP camera streaming video onto a SharePoint webpage


Hi All,


I need to embed an IP camera streaming video onto our SharePoint webpage. The SharePoint is an online site.


The problem I am have is the IP Camera address is only http and not https ( I get an error message when I try to use a media web part to add the IP Camera (please see attach screenshot). Is there any way I can get around this error message?


Embed Code Error.JPG


I hope you can help

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You can get around this error  by adjusting HTML Field Security setting in site settings. Please take a look at article below




After adding the domain to the HTML Field Security I am still getting an error message


"We only support embedding content from secure websites (their addresses start with https.) If it's important to embed content from unsecured websites, please send us feedback."



Well, us your IP Camera Url is not running under https you won't be able to embed it in that way....can you try to do the same in a classic page and using a script edtior webpart? Add there an iframe tag and tell us if it works

Hi Juan,


I tried


<iframe src="" style="border:1px  solid;" name="frame1" scrolling="auto" frameborder="yes" align="center" height = "800px" width = "800px">


With the correct IP address, but the Script Editor webpage is just blank.



You have tried to find the manual of your camera or security system at the time I had that problem with my security system since it was an but I looked for its manual and the signal of my cameras appeared or to a certain extent I contacted the manufacturer to That provides more information about the program or service you need for that, most of them have customer service, is what I can recommend, I hope it serves you luck.