How to create a SharePoint list view with specific items appearing at the top of the list

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I'm trying to modify a SharePoint list that contains multiple list views for different teams. I would like to simply update it with new individuals but I can't seem to make that work. I know how to create a new view but for some reason it doesn't capture all of the individuals that should be part of each team. I guess the more pressing obstacle is how can I modify a view so that specific individuals like directors, appear at the top of the modified view followed by the rest of the names?

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@MN037 you'll need to have a number column called sortorder (or something similar) and sort the list/views by that column. So Directors would have a value of 1, Managers 2, Assistant Managers 3, Slaves 4 and so on.


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Thank you for that tip. I was able to locate a similar number column from the current setup I'm working with. lol @ #4