How do I search a SharePoint list from a Teams Tab.

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When I add a SharePoint list as a tab in a Teams channel, there doesn't seem to be any way to search the list.  Am I missing a setting, or is this by design?   This is making long lists as a Teams tab practically unusable for us.  Work arounds are using filters, but that is not intuitive to most of my users, OR, click the Open in SharePoint button, and then do the search there (which defeats the purpose of adding the list as a Teams Tab)   The Teams search bar at the top of the screen does not search the list.


Here is a screenshot of what I am seeing:



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@Troy Fulkerson I can not answer that question.  A solution that worked for our organization was to publish a powerapp and post that (side bar and or top bar) and utilize search/cards.   The experience transferred well to mobile as an "app" but in some cases we find we still go back to the list for quick edit or similar sort functions that require more than searching for a specific item to modify/act on.

Thanks @varriano .  In one situation, that is exactly what I did.  Lot of extra work just to get a search feature.  Hopefully the SharePoint/Teams groups will get together and add this ability.  

@Troy Fulkerson  Mine was working fine with a Search bar until yesterday. Today is gone for all my organization, not sure what happend. Like i said, we always had the search bar for all our sharepoint lists in teams. The only way to search right now is if you select the option "Open in Sharepoint" , it will take you to your browser but the search works there.

@Troy Fulkerson@Mikejr2009 , @varriano 

Up until the last couple of days, we had the ability to search a list in Teams. The Search box appeared to the left of the Quick Edit and Open in SharePoint options.


We need it back. Already getting help desk tickets looking for it.


With the ability to add a list as a Teams tab link, we need the ability to then search as well.




I may not understand, but I think your problem is not fixable in so much as Microsoft has changed and they are not concerned with your use, the change is part of something larger. 


The quick overview, and the marketing people explain it here

It vanished on our tenant too...why in the hell would they get rid of that??? That made embedding lists usable...without it it's USELESS!


I have the exact same issue. Reported it with MS Support and they told me this feature currently does not exist. MS obviously thought, a database applet without a search functionality will suffice for most of the business users. Us, poor souls trying to retrieve data from a list (obviously an operation left in the past) are doomed to leave the premises of MS Teams and rely on good old Sharepoint.


MS Teams is a joke since most of the features are rolled out as minimum viable products, which then leaves customers and users with frustration because things either don't work or are plain and simple stupid.

came here looking for solution. Instead, I learn that it's broken. :(


Make lists viable by adding a search / filter option that works. There is a filter button but nothing can be filtered???

@varriano can you send me screenshots on the PowerApp setup or details so I can try to emulate it?