How do I hid List options in a list view on a SharePoint Modern page?

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I want to add a list view to a page in #SharePoint modern. Is there anyway to hide the chrome? I don't really want them being able to change the view, add an item, or see the whole list. 



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It's not currently possible but there are quite a lot of requests for this in the UserVoice site:


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Maybe this was recently released, but it looks like there is an option right in the web part properties to "Hide command bar".


Setting it to Hide and clicking apply, you can see the command bar is in fact hidden.


Unfortunately, this doesn't hide the "See all" link, but at least it takes care of hiding the other toolbar actions.





@Kevin McKeown 


After a nightmare, I found a solution to this. 


Step 1) Create a Permission Group for your site and add the relevant users

Step 2) Go to your list and create view by default you have only one view "All Items". Create as many as view you want.

Step 3) Go to List setting and click on "Audience Targeting settings". By default it's unchecked. Check the box and save

Step 4) Go to your list and choose the view for which you want to set target audience.

Step 5) Choose edit the page from setting

Step 5) Edit the list web part and go to "Advanced" and under Target Audience enter the Permission Group which you created in case you are unable to do so then click on "Browse" and select "SharePoint Groups" from dropdown and then search for group.

Step 6) Click on "Apply" and "Ok". Bingo for this view you have set the audience. 


You can perform the same step for all other views as well.


Enjoy SharePoint.

@Bhupendra35 Wie verhindert diese Lösung den Zugriff auf die gesamte Liste?