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Hi guys!
I have a sharepoint list that contains sensitive data on a website. I need to share this site with people so that they can add data to this list but cannot see other people's data.
How can I do this?
I developed an app that uses sharepoint as a data source, people add data to that sharepoint. For the app to work I need to share sharepoint with people, however I don't want them to have permission to see my data source.

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Go to the List, then choose List Settings from the Cog (top right)

Go to Advanced and configured the Item Level Access settings




@guilhermecordeiro in addition to the solution provided by Steve @Steve Knutson we sometimes build a simple app in Power Apps for users to add their item and display either a data table or gallery filtered just for their items. So really they're not interacting with the list directly at all, just the app.


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