Help with modern team page layout

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I can't for the life of me figure out why my pages don't look like the example microsoft displays when I create team pages. Image attached shows what mine looks like every time a create a new team site vs an example of what I'm expecting. My side links don't go to the top and the site name banner eats up a ton of space at the top. Why is my site logo and and name dominating the top of the page? What am I doing wrong? Is it a site collection template issue?

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The screenshot is most likely from their newer builds from ignite where they said they are focusing on compacting a lot of the page elements and these haven’t hit first release yet.

Could be an older screenshot as well but it’s not a template issue it’s how it is for all of us currently what you’re experiencing.
That's a very old screenshot from they were talking about next generation portals in SPO