Help: Send email remainder to specific groups of people on sharepoint list combination

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Hi! I'm new to power automate.


Aim: To create a workflow that is able to send reminder XXX days before deadline to specific groups of people based on the different criteria combination.


I'm getting stuck on creating a workflow to be able to send email remainder automatically to specific groups of people based on the different criteria combination selected on the sharepoint list.


I have already created a flow in a way where once a specific combination on sharepoint list is selected, it will send email to the specific groups of people to kickstart the work.


Help needed: on creating the flow to send reminder back XXX days before deadline to these group of people that the deadline for completion is close.


1. How my sharepoint list currently looks like



2. Power Automate workflow for sending email to specific group of people to kickstart work



Thank you!


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Create a new scheduled cload flow, which runs once a day.
That get's all items and check the date. If date is within X number of days send email :)


Screenshot 2022-12-05 103229.png



I have tried and gotten the email message below


This is the flow that I have created based on your suggestion. Target is to send email reminder to specific group of people 7 days before the dateline indicated in sharepoint list hence I have included the expression of addDays(utcNow(),7,'yyyy-MM-dd').





You don't need pararell Apply for each. Just have one and have the condition come after one and other :)

Error you're getting is because you have probably choosen the wrong field in the second send email. It's from the wrong loop :)
Your filter query doesn' have a closing apostrophe after the expression.