Help Creating Reoccuring Tasks

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I’m working to create a reoccurring task list in SharePoint based on an event being created. I’m an instructor and have a checklist that I complete prior to a course starting. This checklist has items that must be complete 3 weeks prior to course start, 2 weeks prior, start of course, and items at intervals during the course.


What I’m trying to create is the task list being automatically created when I add a new course to a SharePoint calendar, with the task list item due dates (as listed above) dynamically dependent on the course start date. Basically the functional flow would be:


Click to add new course>>fill in new course form>>click submit>>task list created and items added to timeline on SharePoint page.


I assumed this could be done with some js coding, but I’m an relative novice in the coding field and still learning.


Thanks to anyone who helps with this problem!

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