Formatting a View for "Multiple Lines of Text" Column Type

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I have a relatively simple list for tracking action items. One of the fields is a "Comment/Status" field for providing details about the action item. The standard list view only shows the Comment field containing a link to view the entry. I would like the view to actually show the contents (or some of the contents) of this Comment field. How can I configure SharePoint to do this?


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Has this been solved already?

If not, could you provide some more information on how the column is defined?

What type is it?ColumnTypes.png



No, this is not resolved. No responses received.

As the title states, it is formatted as "Multiple Lines of Text" (the second option in the list inserted in your response).

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Please check your column definition - do you have a Yes in the option Append Changes to Existing Text?
If you have, then you will get the link!
If you have not, please provide us with the full column definition.
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You are correct. I did have it formatted to "Append Changes." Thank you for this information. Very helpful.