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I have a Sharepoint List that I have created several views for. I am needing to know how I can filter the view and then export the filtered data to Excel. Thank you!

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@Tbruns because the Export to Excel exports the full list what you need to do is create a new view of the list from the All items view. 


So go to List Settings and scroll down to the bottom and Create a new view from All items. In my example I've called it Cook-Fiji and I'm going to filter then export just the airports from the Cook Islands and Fiji Islands from my airports list. View the new list you've just created...




 and filter it by the columns you want:





Then save the view. And click on Export to Excel




That will export just the items in that view to Excel:



In future, if you need to export that filtered view again you just need to select the view and click the Export to Excel.

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Thank you so much!