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Hey All,

I have set up a Fillable PDF in SharePoint for my team to be able to fill it out to track hours on a project. When I open the PDF in SharePoint it doesn't give me the option to fill it out, I have to download the file from SharePoint in order to insert text and then re upload it to SharePoint. Is there any way to make it so that I can fill out the text in SharePoint using my fillable PDF so that I will not have to continue to re- upload it each time?

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SPO does not provide this feature, to be able to fill a PDF form in SPO you need to have the ability to fill it in PDF Cloud:

@BJacobs it would be much easier to use the built-in features of SharePoint and the Power Platform. For example you could have a Power Apps-customised SharePoint form which the users complete.  If you need the final result to be a PDF you could create that from the entries in the list using a flow in Power Automate. Alternatively you could have a simple Power Apps app which would add the items to your list in SharePoint. A few things there to consider.


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Thank you!!  @RobElliott