File and Media webpart modern page video Title / Name bug

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I have a SharePoint modern news page.

When I add the "File and media" webpart, then put into it the "copy link" url of an MP4 video file in a SharePoint online library (in the same site as the news page). The video embeds and displays in the page edit view. The web part shows the Video Title text when the page is in edit mode. When the news item is published the "File and media" webpart displays the video BUT changes the title text to be the file name minuse the .MP4 file type suffix.

So on my news item the video title overlay uses the file name NOT the video file's title text EVEN though in edit mode the title text is overlaid on the video.


Anyone else having this issue ?
Anyone got a fix ?


I've tried: the copy link url 
And several variations on that none of which altered the web part behaviour. 



Many thanks

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@Dorje McKinnon I think this is bug from Microsoft end. I just tested this on our SharePoint site and it is showing the same behavior.

Edit mode

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ganeshsanap_1-1679385537435.pngRaise support ticket with Microsoft directly and report this behavior, follow: Get M365 Support - Online Support 

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Many thanks @ganeshsanap 

Great to see it isn't tenant specific.

I've logged a ticket with MS and they're looking at it.

Microsoft tell me they're still looking at this. I'll update when I have actual information.
As a workaround, maybe you can rename the video name to match the title. Until you get a response from MS.

Hi @jhallal 

We did consider that, BUT the email linking to the video had already gone out and it was file name specific sooooo we can't do that in this case.


Given how long my ticket has been open my guess is that it is a bug, that they didn't know about.

Then I hope they fix it soon :)

@jhallal and @ganeshsanap 
I'm still chasing Microsoft for an answer. I've had 2 other M365 Tenants confirm they also have this bug.

I'll update this post when I have an answer from MS.

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@ganeshsanap  and @jhallal 

My open ticket with Microsoft second line support is still open. Last week they asked me to try something but the outcome was the same. File name rather than Title is displayed over the video in SharePoint online news and web pages.

The ticket is still open. Once I have a resolution I'll post here and let you know.

Well - I can officially report that my Case with Microsoft about this issue was the worst one that I've experienced working with Premier support for many years. Multiple requests for the same thing, non-sensical explanations for this issue "being by design".

The final outcome was I had to fill out a "Business impact statement", so that Microsoft could create a Design Change request on my behalf, but then wouldn't furnish me with the tracking number for that request.

In summary - this bug exists, there is no fix. We the paying customers have to live with inconsistent behaviour.