Facing throttle issue in sharepoint

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I am facing throttle issue in Sharepoint it's not related to specific one site collection and I'm not sure what is the exact reason behind this issue and there is no such SPFx webpart that continuously making API calls So, is there any way to identify the root cause.
Below is the screenshot of the issue.


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If this is triggered by a user I would launch Edge/Chrome and then check the browser console.
- open browser
- click F12 and open the Network tab
- toggle back to the browser and open SharePoint

Does the page make loads of requests?
Do you see 429 responses?
I have already checked it and didn't find anything fruitful.
Yes, I'm getting 429 responses
Try to understand what the request is trying to retrieve.
Does the same request keeps being requested? (like in a loop)
If the above does not indicate what is going on click on the link to the code to see which js files and what logic is being executed.
(The behaviour (429's) is not normal when there are no customizations.)
But the strange part is there is no js file where i am working (in that site ollection)

Hi @Naitikkyada 


Do you have any flows running under your account that queries sharepoint? If yes, have a look if they are in some type of loop (common with flows triggered  by item/document updated event).

Recently had a similar case and after open a ticket with MS they tracked it down to the user onedrive, he was sycing multiple sharepoint libraries to the pc and it was causing this issue.


No there is no such flows which are running in background, even if i create new site collection then also i'll face the same issue.
Actually i have already raised ticked but they didn't find anything in primary investigation so they have asked to contact professional support.
Hi, if it is throttling issue will happen in all sites. So will happen in recently created sites - throttling is not per site collection (as far as I know) is global to sharepoint.

Do you use onedrive to sync libraries locally?
Not yet,