Exporting to Excel - Indexed filters not working

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I would appreciate any help or advice that people may have. 


I am on office 365 not enterprise. This is relevant as some answers on similar issues advise actions that i need an enterprise license for - specifically connecting a data connection to Sharepoint.


I have a document Library that has many folders, sub folders and files.

There are in excess of 100, 000 lines when exported to excel. We need to look at files created over the lst 7 days but this is unmaneagable in the standard export. due to the number of lines the information suc as date created and link to document dont work. 

So i thought, and is the advice across forumns, that i could create a view to restrict the results. So i have. I have created a view that says show me any file created in the last 7 days. i have been bulk uploading documents, as we move from our old filke storage system, so i have asked the query to show files where created is not equal to my name. therefore excluding my results. 

this gives me very few lines to export. less than 300.


This is where the problem starts. If i click export to excel i get an error saying i do not have permission to view the entire list because it is larger than the list view threshold enforced by the administrator. 


So i can export the whole list but not the reduced list. I am an administrator. We do not have on prem so i cant amend the threshold. How can i export to excel and have links to the files that have been created in the last 7 days?


I have spent a few days now looking at this and i am no further.

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@LucyEHS  Incase anyone else has a similar issue I have found a soultion from another forum. You need to add a filter as the first filter that reduces the number to less than 5000. Its not enough if the filter is in there but not the first option. So for example in mine i filtered on:

  1. Not created by user1
  2. Not created by user2
  3. Created in last 7 days


This failed and did not allow me to export due to exceeding 5000 lines. I changed the order of the filters to 

  1. Created in last 7 days
  2. Not created by user1
  3. Not created by user2

This has worked and allowed me to export the data.