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We are in a Mac-only environment and need to extract SharePoint list data for eventual manipulation in Excel. The "Export to Excel" function does not work on Macs and the "workaround" to this limitation is to export it using Windows, which is not an option for us. Nor can we connect to the SharePoint list using Excel, since PowerQuery isn't available in Excel for Mac.


I'm looking for suggestions how to get our data out of SharePoint in some (any!) format that can be ingested by Excel. CSV would be fine. Open to using Flow and/or PowerApps, but needs to be fairly simple.

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I'm just a Flow newbie, but I'd try something like this - haven't tested it but might give you some ideas?

Manually trigger a flow

Get Items from the SharePoint list

Apply to each - 'value' is the list of items.

   Insert row - give it the excel file name and figure out the mapping between the rows and the values in the SharePoint list row.To Excel.PNG

Thanks for the idea, Robin. I was able to create a proof-of-concept Flow that updated an Excel on my OneDrive with the list items I needed. 

@debit72 I tried this solution, but insert row is nowhere to be found anymore, and I get API errors when I try to connect.

@Arin Komins Looks like it's been renamed this year. Use the action 'add a row into a table' - you'll need to pre-create a table in your sheet so the rows have somewhere to attach to.

@Robin Nilsson Thanks!  Do you need to prepopulate columns in the table with certain columns?  I found an old reference for the insert a row which stated you needed title, empid, employeename, department in the table.  Once I added those, it seems to work.

Wow, they've really changed the excel connector, I don't remember all those options :)

I just did a test and didn't need to do any kind of prepopulate on the table in Excel. I did create the table in the excel file first and gave the columns headings. Then the 'add row' parameters showed up correctly instead of being labeled 'Column 1, Column 2....'

I noticed when I was testing that when I tried to do it from a trigger of 'selected item' in a SharePoint list, that didn't work. That only gave me the information related to the person triggering the action. I had to do a get item to get my columns of information to insert.

@Robin Nilsson I managed to get mine working using Created as my ID column...but yes, they very much changed the connector.


Now if only we could get a "clear rows" action!

@Robin Nilsson 

Hi There,

I am also using a Mac and wondering how to export a sharepoint list - the reason I want to is to get the many headings from my list so I can set up a Flow to import data from the list into Excel as items are added.

Is there a way to use Flow to export the column headings?

Thank you

@debit72 FYI this feature is now available by default for Macs! There's now an option to Export to CSV that actually works on a Mac. Found that out today!

@KittyKat1082 Hey, how do you export to CSV on a mac?