EXIF in Sharepoint Online

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I want to use EXIF infoormation from photos in Sharepoint Online. Especially I need the GPS data to find the location from an uploaded photo in the map. I also want to show this informations in Sharepoint, so downloading the file and getting this informations in Windows by clicking on properties of the file is not an option.

From my understanding Microsoft removed this functionality in Sharepoint Online for unknown reasons.

How can I get this functionality back without additional costs for external tools? Is there a flow available to retrive this informations from the file?

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Microsoft has deprecated this feature several years ago.

Check out: link for a Power Automate / Power Apps solution.

The external tools indeed involve costs but they offer automatic extraction of GPS locations from images and they allow display of the images on Google Maps (example) within SharePoint.


Another free alternative is to use OneDrive for Business client and sync the images to view the GPS coordinates of the individual files.