Editing htm and html files not on server with SharePoint Designer 2013

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Hi all,

My team has been using SharePoint Designer 2007 to edit specific html files on one of our websites. We do not have administrative permissions to the server for this website, but SP Designer 2007 allowed us to edit the html files on our workstation drive (i.e. laptop C: drive). Then we send the updated html files to the administrators who would load the files to the server. 


Now we have an issue. Our organization moved to SharePoint Designer 2013. When we try to "Open with" the html file to edit from our workstation drive with SP Designer 2013, it gives us and error message stating that the file can't be open and to open with the webpage address. We can't do that because we don't have administrative permission, and no, they will not give us the permissions. When we had SP Designer 2007, we could "Open with" SP Designer 2007 and the html file would automatically open in editor mode so we can edit the html in our workstation drive, save it, and then send the html file to the administrators to load to the server. But SP Designer 2013 won't open the file at all on our workstations.


How can we set up SP Designer 2013 to work like SP Designer 2007, where we can open an html file from our workstation drive, edit it in SP Designer 2013 so we can send it to the system administrators to load to the webpage server?

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SharePoint Designer 2013 needs administrative permissions to open HTML files from your workstation drive, which your team doesn't have. Workaround : One option is to use a different text editor or HTML editor that doesn't require administrative permissions to open files. You can then edit the HTML files on your workstation drive using the alternative editor, save the changes, and then send the updated file to the administrators to load to the server.

@Jennifer_Wilson Thank you. I figured this would be the case.