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Hi all,


I am trying to create a event list on sharepoint online to schedule some resources, but I'm experiencing some issue.

We need to send an e-mail to request an approval when someone create any item in this event list. I noticed that Power Automate have a lot of templates like "Send e-mail approval when an item is created in list", but nothing about send e-mail when an item is created in EVENT LIST.


Is there any way to send a request approval when an item is created in a Event List?


Thanks in advance

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@__AlexXx__ you don't need a pre-built template to do this, just create a new instant cloud flow (My flows -> New flow -> Instant cloud flow). Your trigger should be "When an item is created" but you won't find the Events list in the dropdown so just select Custom at the bottom of the dropdown and type in Events - it will find it! Then you can have your Start and wait for an approval action and whatever actions that you need after that.


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Worked, thank you!