E-learning Management with SharePoint

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SharePoint is known for its flexibility, the ability to mold it into business solutions have always enthused us. Here i am going to share with you lot about how a SharePoint learning management system could benefit the organization. it helped ours so why not, you guys can also have that success. The remote work has changes the way we process everything in our line of work. companies need to be moving on business need to be growing. For businesses to grow more resources are needed, and it is important to train these new resources. It is also important to train the existing employees on new tech. Now both of these processes are equally time consuming and cost money. We are looking to lower those in the first place. An effective learning management system can do just that. Here are some of the features you could look for while choosing a SharePoint based learning management system. 

Look for a learning management system that is easy and user friendly.
Look for a solution that allows you to create e learning courses that leverage on presentations, helpful videos and documents.
Content friendly architecture is another feature expected, It should support a wide range of content types and offer an advanced content search option to filter what you are creating for training purposes.
Great reporting and tracking features.
Solutions that allows you to make your training courses more interactive and interesting by including the ability to create customized quizzes and certificates.
Of course automation, You should be able to control the way a course can be completed and organized using prerequisites for an ideal custom learning plan. Automation in SharePoint is mostly based on Power Automate, which is simple and easy to manage. You should also be able to assign courses to employees based on when they were hired or other dates of your choosing.
Access control, choose a solution with separate views for Admins, Trainers, and Trainees.
Also automatic notification, so that everyone is always in the loop about their training program.

Hop this information comes in good use for you guys. Do Share what you guys think about all this.

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