Document Sets Vs Folders, managed metadata and automation using power automate

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We are trying to benefit from using folder structures and managed metadata to store and filter/search our SharePoint documents. so i created a term group >> with 2 term sets >> named "client" and "Doc Type", as follow:-







and at the same time we are storing the files into this folder structure as follow:-




        -the documents 


as follow:-






now there are 2 ways to implement the above:-


1) using SharePoint document sets

2) using regular folders, custom content type & Power Automate


using document sets we can set that when we create a new document set to have the related "client" and "Doc Type" fields and the related sub-folders auto created. while using regular folders, custom content type & Power Automate, i can do everything in power automate to create sub-folders and assign metadata to the document when they get created..

I always try to avoid using document sets because they are still on classic UI + they overcomplicate document management +  when i define document set it looks unaligned with what the user already do on their own sites, where they simply create folders and upload documents.. so is it wrong if i do not use document sets for my above scenario and rely on power automate to do the automation the way i want?


any ideas and thoughts? 


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