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Greetings Everyone, 


Fairly new to SharePoint and need guidance.  I am using SP Online (modern pages) and I set up a document library with a few required fields such as category, subject and document type.  I would like SharePoint to prompt a user when uploading or drag&drop a document to update the required fields in order to complete the upload.  When I attempted to test, the properties dialog box is not showing up at all.  SharePoint uploads the document automatically.   How do I go about changing the settings for the dialog box to appear and prompt the user to enter and complete the required fields??



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Hi, as far as I know this is not possible in the new UI, and the "required" fields are now used as guidance.

So you can upload / create a document and you'll get the Required Info (yellow) in the column. the user will need to go edit those field with more clicks...


The document may also be checked out, and will not be checked back in as long as the fields are not filled.

Last I checked. Long as you come into the doc library fresh without messing with the details pane and upload a document it does infect pop up and show when uploading. But if you already manually opened and closed it and try uploading more it won’t pop out. Try a fresh browser instance and upload and see what happens.

@Chris Webb - unfortunately, I tried refreshing and opening a new browser instance and the same issue still persist.  Thank you though for the response and assistance. 



Yeah, seems they modified the way this works again. It used to pop out when you drag files. Even upload doesn't prompt. Only option you might have is having a link for adding files go to classic view for now, then use modern UI for lookup etc. Not the best solution but I don't think there is a way. There might be a 3rd party solution that can accomplish this on the upload event thou, not 100% on that. I'll see If i can't find something.


@Beau Cameron  is a dev guru. He might know this off the top of his head. Is there anyway that for example the spfx command bar extensions can be used on an upload event etc? Didn't know if there was anything out there for this to get around this problem of prompting for metadata when uploading documents. 

@Chris Webb - thank you sir! 


@Beau Cameron - would you be able to assist me with this issue? I am fairly new to SP so please bear with me any growing pains if I ask too many questions. 

The problem here is to show the popup once the files are uploaded and this is something that is not provided Today with SPO dev...also if my memory serves well, the popup mentioned in the thread has never been there but of course I might be my two cents here:
(1) Use attention views and library views to identify missing information in your files
(2) If (1) is not enough, think if you would need to provide a custom upload to your users bearing in mind the development cost you could incurr here

@Chris Webb 

There are indeed 3rd party solutions that provide this functionality. See e.g.

They provide the user with a popup window to select one of the available content types and specify metadata fields. In case the content type contains required fields the user is required to provide values prior to uploading. This way you do not end up with "orphan" documents in your system that are checked out and do not have metadata attached.

Some tools (e.g. SLIM Companion Explorer) also allow mapping properties from the source files (e.g. keywords in PDF files, GPS coordinates in jpg files, ...) to Sharepoint columns. 

Paul | SLIM Applications

Yeah but that’s what happens with classic with the checked out documents. Different story when using modern UI. Not sure I’ve see. A tool use for modern yet as Juan said doesn’t think it’s possible yet.

OP your only option right now might be going back to classic but you run the whole check out risk if you stay with default SP UI.
5 years and this issue still exists? Old thread I know.