Date and Time imported with Power Automate in wrong format

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Hi all, i have this strange issue with a Date and Time column in SPO list.

I've imported a data from an excel file using Power Automate. Among this data there is Start Date and TIme  and End Date and Time. The excel file data is in 24hr format, the data in PA is also passed to SPO in 24hr format, but in SPO is showing wrong date and times (not even close to the right one)


ANy ideas what is wrong here and why SPO show + 5 hours?

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Hi @Radoslavov91,


you are entering your data as a UTC timestamp into SharePoint (That is what the "Z" at the end of the timestamp means), not as a local timestamp . And SharePoint displays that date in your local timezone.

You should either

1) Convert your time into UTC time and save that to SharePoint (Using the "Convert Timezone Action")
2) Remove the "Z" from the end of your timestamp. Then SharePoint will interpret the timestring as a time of the defautl timezone of it's regional settings

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