Customized help desk contact info missing on Office 365 Menu

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We have enabled the "customized help desk contact info" in the Microsoft 365 admin center (Settings > Organization profile, Provide customized help desk contact info (see inserted screen grab). We have noticed that sometimes the custom information does not show the first time the help icon (?) is clicked (Chrome). If you try again then it seems to show the second time. In Firefox it never seems to show at all. Is anyone else experiencing this? Is anyone aware of a fix / workaround for this issue? It would be a really great feature to give users quick easy access to the help desk contact info if it worked consistently.With customized help desk contact info enabledWith customized help desk contact info enabled




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3 Replies does it work on other browsers? I don't personally use that feature a lot, but I would say this is possibly a bug in how the help desk info is displayed

@Juan Carlos González Martín Edge behaves the same as Chrome, i.e. the custom info may not show the first time the menu is opened, but it shows the next time.

@Daniel Billington 

  • MailDesk allows you to provide customized help desk contact information.
  • You’ve already enabled this feature in the Microsoft 365 admin center under Organization profile.
  • In Firefox, it never seems to show at all.
  • Tenant Provisioning Update:
    •  If the issue persists, consider updating the Tenant Provisioning Stamp to trigger provisioning for the tenant.


    • Benefits of Consistent Help Desk Info:

      • Providing quick and easy access to help desk contact info enhances user experience.
      • Consistent availability ensures users can promptly seek assistance.
  • Remember, while we wait for a more consistent solution, users can try refreshing or clicking the help icon again to access the custom information. Let’s hope for smoother interactions between MailDesk and browsers!