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Hi all


This is my first message on this site. 


I am working on a new sharepoint page, and I would like to have something like this I created on a power point:




As seen, I have an image and below some tabs the should be linked with hyperlinks. I also did a grey background to have a better look and feel.


When I go to my sharepoint, the best or more similar thing i could get was this:




I had to use an image, and below add text. However I dont like the way it looks.


Is there any way to make it more like the first image I describe?


Thanks all.a

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@diego9010  If the quick links web part doesn't give you what you want you could embed a very simple Microsoft Power Apps app. I just did one quickly and each link has a Launch("url") function in the On Select action to open the relevant page.




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Amazing Rob, can you please tell me how to do that? Can you share the steps or code?


That's what I want looks very good in that image using power apps.



@RobElliottGreat idea ..hadn't thought of that!

It looks like you are using a team site. Try a communication site instead and you will be able to create an experience that is exactly what you are looking for. Navigation will be at the top and you can use a mega menu to show a comprehensive story of helpful links for your users. If you really want a narrow banner at the top of the home page, create a site page and then use the “make home page” feature from the Site Pages library to make that page the home page. 

Hi @Susan Hanley 


I do have that one at the top (I think). Please take a look: 



I am looking to have exactly what @RobElliott did with Power Apps.


I want to learn new ways to make sharepoints slightly different from the standard features.


Regards :D 



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@diego9010 it was quicker for me to record a short video rather than doing screenshots, so hopefully the attached will help you build this in less than 10 minutes.




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No, you started with a team site, not a communication site. If the purpose of your site is to communicate information, not collaborate, you want a communication site and you can get your desired outcome without needing any other app. From the SharePoint start page, select New site and choose communication site. If you need collaboration workspaces, you will want team sites.  

Hi @RobElliott 


You solved my problem thanks a million. One final question, when I click on the button it opens a brand new tab. Is it possible to click and open the link on the same tab?



@diego9010 as I said at the end of the video, Microsoft have started working on the request to have an option where the launch function opens in the same tab but it's not delivered yet.


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Awesome :D 


Thanks @RobElliott 

Hi community


Any idea how to fix this when another person opens the sharepoint?




For me it works well, but for them an access is required.



@diego9010 you always have to share an app otherwise only you can see it. Go to the screen where the versions are (or alternatively click the 3 dots next to the app in your list of apps), click Share and then select either specific people or your whole organisation. Then click the Share button in the bottom right. If you are sharing with everyone in your organisation it's good practice to un-check the "Send an email invitation to new users" checkbox.




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Thank you!!