Cursor "Jumping" While Writing Text or Inserting Hyperlinks

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Does anyone else have trouble in SPO with the cursor jumping around in a text part when writing text or inserting a hyperlink? If it was just me, I'd think it was my mouse. But I've  seen this happen with a couple other authors at my organizations (and you can't quite predict when it will happen so as to take screenshots).


I do notice, however, that if I "fix" a URL to open in a new window, and then go to a second URL to do the same, as I'm in the URL editing box for the second URL, the cursor will jump to the top of the text box. (This means I have to close out of the URL editing box, reselect the text, reopen the box, etc.) OR, it will take the second URL and randomly update the first URL and text of the URL.


Another example will be that I'm writing text, and all of a sudden the cursor jumps to another spot.


This has been happening for at least a month, and it's finally driving me nuts with its regularity to where I thought I'd raise it in community. 

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We started seeing this issue today. Can't edit the text in the text web part because as soon as you type one character the cursor jumps to the beginning of all the text in the web part.


Did you ever find solution for this issue?

It just went away. I think a patch must have been installed or a new version.

@Joni_Kirk was this ever resolved? We are having same issues and don’t know how to fix it. We go to type in a field and cursor jumps to top no matter what we do. We have to type into notepad then paste over in to text web-part.  

@Justcallmeeesa Yes, It stopped. Not sure what resolved it.