Creating a unique Id in a set format based on information supplied

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Hello I need to create a unique I’d that will for a new row created on a share point list based on the information selected when creating a new row.

I have a drop down box to select a content type. The options for this are SVC or SOCAT

Depending on which of these is selected I need to create a unique I’d in the following format.

For SVC it needs to return the following
xxxx being a unique number starting at1000 and increment if for every new SVC selected.
mm being the year that the year e.g 21

For SOCAT it need to return the following
aaaa being a number from a drop down box selected. xxx being a unique I’d starting at 500 and increment if every time a SOCAT is created. B being a letter selected from another drop down box.

Any help would be appreciated
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