Create Site error, refused to connect.

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Hello, i'm new to Sharepoint.

I'm learning to work with Power Automate and for that I have to make a list in Sharepoint on a site. Since I don't have a site yet, I'm trying to create a new one.


But everytime I click 'Create Site' I keep getting this error message: ' refused to connect'. At the same time I'm logged into several other MS apps with zero connectivity problems.


Does anyone have an idea of what could be the problem here?

Thanks in advance for your help! 



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@Jur82 Are you M365 (global) administrator or SharePoint tenant administrator?


Check documentations: 

  1. Create sites
  2. Manage site creation in SharePoint 

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Hi @Jur82 


At a higher level, looks you need to enable the "third party cookies" on your browser. Because, we need to allow to set a cookie for the login process.

Thanks for your reply @NanddeepNachan. 3rd party cookies are enabled, but I'm still running into the same issue..



Can you please check the browser console for any error? if possible, please share the error / screenshot here.

The area with the options of team site and communication site keeps blinking and the errors in the console keep adding up

Hi @Jur82 

Thanks for the details.


Based on the browser you are using, please try the section "The solution: Allow third-party cookies" from below article: