Create a RSS/XML Feed from SharePoint News?

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I'd like to somehow present our SharePoint news on our signage displays within our building. 

Is there any way to pull an rss/xml feed from all the news of one or more specific SharePoint sites? 

If not, does anyone have any other ideas on how to accomplish this?

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Does it work to get this news using SPO REST API / CSOM and show them in your displays? Or the only way is by means of XML / RSS?
XML/RSS is what I'd have easily available as "no code solution". But I'd be willing to spend some time with other options, if this is not available.

@Ivan UngerWe are trying to do the same thing.  Have you found a solution?  I can create a feed based on the SitePages library, but I can't seem to filter to just "News" posts.

Unfortunately not.

@Ivan Unger Found this, but looks like it requires login to access the RSS :unamused:

@Ivan Unger does anyone find a solution to this?