Create a flow to trigger on a column change

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Could someone please share how to create the following (Power automate) flow :

1. Given folder with files

2. It has custom column "Assigned To", type "Person or Group"

3. When value is set to this field per file need to send an Outlook notification (or any other action)


It is similar in functionality to "Rules" notify on column change (screenshot below), but because it is requires a custom e-mail template, this "Rule" can't be used as-is.

Screenshot 2023-08-01 at 2.59.49.jpg





I've tried steps to retrieve the file metadata and similar ones, but wasn't able to select this specific property "Assigned To" and for any file in a folder (not for certain file, that hardcoded in a step).

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Use this trigger and action combo to get the value of a changed column, then you can act on that value.