Create a column that automatically assigns number value from 1-50, and resets when list is cleared

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Hi everyone,


I'm trying to find out if there is a way to basically replicate the built-in ID column in SP. The reason the ID column isn't working for us is that once you clear the list, it won't allow for the IDs to start back at 1.


We need the column to number items starting at 1 and up to 50 as that is the maximum amount of these items that are active at a time. Once the items have been completed, they are cleared out of the list. At that point, we would need the new batch of items to be numbered, starting over at 1 again and going up to 50.


The challenge is that we currently do not have access to Power Automate. Is there a way to accomplish this without Power Automate or do we have to manually number these items as we add them?


Thank you!

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Without Power Automate or some custom Dev I think it's not possible

I suspected as much, but wanted to double check before saying no.  Appreciate the response! 


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