Copy SharePoint List to the another new site

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Hello everyone!


I am trying to copy the existing SharePoint online list to another site. Can someone help me with this?

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@sbhan4 Which site templates are you using? Communication site or teams site?


You can create a list from an existing list in SharePoint Online. Check the documentation at:
Create a new list based on the columns in another list 


When you do this, the entire list structure is copied, including views, formatting, and columns. However, the actual content of the original list isn't be copied.


You can also try following the solution given in below link if you are not using the O365 group connected site (using site templates):
Copy list to another site 

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@sbhan4 you can add a new list via "Site Contents" referencing the list from the other site.  This will being over the structure and any dependent lists.  Then, export all of the data from the other list(s) out to Excel and then import it into the new list(s).  You'll lose, history, etc. but at least you have your data.  There may very well be cleaner/better ways but it's simple enough.



Thank you for your suggestion.


Actually, I m using the SharePoint Teams site and don't see an export option. Can you help me where I can find your mentioned option?