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Hello, I've been searching to see if this is possible but it appears with the modern experience, you can only copy a site page to the same Site Pages library in the same site.  If I switch my view to Classic Experience, I can copy a site page to another site if I put in the URL path to the other site's Site Pages library.  Does anyone know if this will be available in the modern experience?  We have to use ShareGate currently to copy modern pages from one site to another but we would like to have the ability to do this in the SharePoint UI.   Thanks, Thao

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You are correct, the copy option in the Site Pages library does not allow to copy the page to a different site. I have cheched the Office 365 roadmap, but there is not a new feature under development to cover this requirement
Thanks, Juan, I did some more digging around and see it's been put in as a suggested idea so I voted for it.

@Thao Pham-Aaltonen I've been struggling with this as well and managed to create a workaround with Flow where you create a copy of the page in the new site collection.




Set up the flow as below and then trigger it by checking out and checking the sites.


It has a few drawbacks though:

1. All the pages assets are sourced to the old sites assets library, I haven't found a way to move them without having to relink every single news item. I tried the move action, but in the SP UI you cannot select the site assets library as a target destination. So you cannot delete the old site because the all assets link will be broken on the pages.


2. The one owning the flow will be the creator of all the news created in this manner.


3. Creation date will be changed to the current time, which will screw up the ordering of news for example. But if you don't have a massive amount news pages to move you can keep the chronological order of them if you check out each site separately, starting with the oldest. And then you can just bulk move the rest.

@NiclasDahl Thanks, Niclas, I'm going to try this out when I get a chance.


Thanks! This worked great on one of our sites.  However, On our main site it did not work.  I have Full Control and Admin permissions. I get an access denied error.  Do you know if there is anything specific that might be causing this error.  Is there anything I need to enable in Admin or Site Settings?  






It could be that you have to allow customization on the the destination site, you can turn that on with powershell:


Connect-SPOService -Url "" -Credential $userCredential

set-sposite "" -denyaddandcustomizepages $false


If that doesn't work there is another way to move the sites and other resources, but it only works if you use Internet Explorer and it requires page customization to be allowed.

This is what you do:

1. open IE and navigate to the site where you have the pages/resources you want to move

2. go the the/a document library

3. click on the view options and pick "view in file explorer" (this is only available in the doc libraries, not list or general site content)

4. This will will open the document folder in your local explorer and then you can browse back to the sitepages folder and copy the content there.

5. Repeat 1-4 on the destination site, but instead of copying you paste the pages/resources there. This works for all the site content (list, assets, lirbraries etc.etc.)


The problem with pages sourcing their images and other content to the old site will still persist though....

@NiclasDahl , I was looking for solutions to move site pages and was already aware of your technique and have used it before.  It seems, however, that it no longer works for moving SharePoint site pages when the target is the new hub site and related site pages.  I'm now getting a cannot write and it seems the documents won't copy or check in on the target side.  Just wanted to post this here because others may try this and run into the same issue.  I sure wish we could still do this because I used to just edit the ASPX file and adjust the image URLs to point to the new siteassets folder and it would be successfully moved.

@Thao Pham-AaltonenCannot believe this function isn't available, its cost me half a days work  so far, and now I'll have to recreate the page from scratch. This is.... SOO Frustrating...


I've tried all the suggestions, none have worked...


Just wanted to write, stage, test, then publish to a wider community!



I can't even get it to work in Classic, just says destination doesn't exist... And I'm owner of both sites... And it sounds as if, even if you can do it, you'd need to recreate/repoint the images/assets within the page...

@aowen42 It is absurd that this isn't available in the ui. The easiest workaround I've found is to open both sites in SP Designer (custom scripting must be enabled), copy the page and paste it in the target site site pages library. It retains all the original links, image references etc though so you may want to edit a few things once moved - and double check permissions as it appears to inherit the target site's library permissions. 

This is so easy to do but why Msft hasn't made this a ui option is beyond me.

@matt howell Thank you! That was a great suggestion.  I really did not want to recreate the page and the Move to is not available.

Over two years later, still nothing on the M365 roadmap. Anyone have any updates?

@huddjw54 I was able to copy a page using the save as template feature and ShareGate. I created a template folder on each site, created the template page on the Source site, copied that with ShareGate into the target site. The template was then available on the target site, which I used to create a new page. 

I just watched this video: and using Power Automate worked perfectly! I was able to move all my pages to the new site. 

This video tells you about how you can migrate SharePoint Modern Site pages to New Destination site keeping the data intact. Power Automate is being used to migrate the site pages. For full steps, please watch the video.

Worked like a charm! Thanks!

I've been using the old sharepoint site manager to copy pages across site collections
Just add the following to the site url "/_layouts/15/sitemanager.aspx" eg.


note that you need to be a site collection administrator to access the tool

Thank you! I found the solution I was looking for!
This worked perfectly for me. I just deleted any pages that I did not want duplicated to the other Site.
Hello @NiclasDahl,

Doesn't work for me, I have a message 403 : Access Denied. An idea?