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Is it possible to convert a teams site into a communication site?


In teams site the menu on the left does not facilitate navigation with many options.


I believe that comunnucation already allows the use of the mega menu, is that correct?



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@webdevptg no unfortunately it is not possible to convert a teams site into a Communications site.


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@webdevptg At the begining, I've made mistake with the template choosen.

When I want to change the site, in fact I create a new website, copy the content (for example with Sharegate if you want to keep the version history and metadata. When content is copied, I delete the site ( also from the deleted sites in admin sharepoint), making the url again usable and I change the url of the new site to the old one.

yes communication allow the use of Megamenu

Unfortunately, there is (currently) no way to change the template after creation. However, I have used the "create new/Sharegate migration/delete/rename" method often when clients change thier mind about the template. If you do not have Sharegate, you can try the free Microsoft migration tool, which should allow you to copy the content and preserve metadata.

Hi @Don Kirkham 


The problem is that we are talking about a large organization and I know that if you ask the IT department to do it, they will raise 1001 problems :)

@webdevptg I understand, as I work for a large organization. Sharegate has a PowerShell library, so I'm sure this could all be scripted, but IT departments (or Cybersecurity in my case) that are difficult to work with is a whole different issue. In that case, you'll have to wait for Microsoft to provide a solution that IT won't question.