Conversations inside MS Teams where they are stored? Desktop application or outlook?

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From Office 365 admin center i created a new MS Teams, which have created a new Office 365 group  + SharePoint Modern Team site. Also when i added members to the Office 365 group, the new MS Teams appeared inside the users' Teams desktop application.


Now there are 2 ways to add conversations to the MS Teams:-

1. using the desktop application as follow:-



2. OR using the Conversation inside the sharepoint team sites >> which will actually open the users' outlook, as follow:-



So my question is what are the differences between adding the conversation using outlook or using desktop application, as adding conversation using one method will not show it inside the other, for example i added a conversation using the desktop application, but it did not show inside the users' outlook accounts, while it showed inside the users' desktop applications....

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Hi @john john,


I believe they are stored in the same place:


  • Chats are stored in the users Outlook with shared files in the users OneDrive.
  • Conversations are stored in the Groups Outlook with shared files in the Groups SharePoint site.
  • Conversation meta-data is stored in a blob. The blob location is depended on your tenants setup.

I hope this helps.



No, chat files and conversations are stored in Teams Cloud Storage...indeed Microsoft is supposed to be evolving this Teams Cloud Storage to use CosmosDB.

@Juan Carlos González Martín,


Odd everything I read and was told was that 1 on 1 chats where in Outlook and OneDrive and not in Teams storage.

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Chats are actually stored in Azure as Juan pointed out. However, if you have Exchange Online on your account, and I think on newer On-Prem exchange works, but copies of all these chats get saved to your inboxes in a hidden folder similar to conversation history from skype for business that is accessible via Content searches.

Team channel conversations are stored in azure and copied to the same folder on the attached group mailbox (hidden) similar to chats.

Files in chats get saved to the uploaders or chat starter's MIcrosoft Teams Chat Files (Upload) or inplace share from OneDrive.

Files in Teams are stored in default documents library in attached SharePoint site.

The Outlook link is to the Office 365 group inbox which is basically a shared e-mail inbox with group membership.

Hope this helps.

@Chris Webb 


I'd love to be able to find where Teams Chat and Recordings not uploaded to Streams are stored in OneDrive - SharePoint - or Outlook



@B25USA - someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that meeting recordings are automatically recorded using Streams and therefore available at



Hi Feliz,


Thanks for your reply. In my specific instance, there was some issue so the recording never made it to streams and could not be found on  



@B25USA  Do you have a Streams licence enabled? It is possible to record a Teams meeting without a Streams licence. In this scenario the meeting is recorded and processed in the Azure media services. In the Teams meeting chat you will get a link to download the recording from Azure media services for 21 days after this point the file is automatically deleted.



Yes, we have Streams license enabled but in this particular instance, the content never got uploaded successfully to Streams.  Notification of the "recording" just sat in the user's Team's windows until if finally went away after 21 day or so.



@B25USA  Have you checked that you have not used your full Stream storage allowance. If it is fully utilised you cannot upload any new meeting records.

@Juan Carlos González Martín what happens if the files in teams are shared in a group chat, outside of a team - do you know where those are stored? Thanks!



Thanks for the reply but we were not out of Stream Storage. The file failed to upload to Stream and appeared in my users' chat window.  The "download" link finally went away after 30 days had elapsed from the time of the original recording.

@john john 


Hi. First, understand that Group conversations are NOT the same as Teams chats. Your Outlook example is showing you replying to the underlying group. These are stored as regular email messages in the Group mailbox.


Teams chat uses a different mechanism, more similar to Skype for Business. (IIRC) Chat is initially persisted in the Teams app itself (which uses Azure for storage), and then archived/logged to a hidden folder in the appropriate Exchange Online mailbox (group or personal, depending on the context).