Continue to receive error after deleting a column

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Today for some reason I was unable to edit and save in a document library of mine when I changed items in any column.  I found that a column titled "Description" was now there (was not there before) and it was requiring information.  I didn't need this column as I already have one with that title so I tried to make it optional and just hide the column but that did not work.  I then found that I had 3 columns all labeled Description and deleted the two extra that I did not need.  However, even though I've deleted the column that was giving an error I am still receiving the red exclamation mark and can not edit anything in my list.  


I went to the recycle bin, nothing was in there but documents, which makes sense.  I restored the library to yesterday but that didn't work.  I don't know what else to do and need the option to edit my list.  

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