Conditional formatting using lookup column

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I have a lookup field where Yes/No is taken from another share point list. Can I put a conditional formula to check in the looked up field contains ‘Yes’. I am suggesting ‘contains Yes’ as the looked up field will also have ;# (the row ID). 

Here, I want to hide a field if the value of looked up field != ‘Yes’. Theoretically I got the formula using indexOf. But practically it’s failing.

=if(substring([$intnamefield],indexOf([$intnamefield],'Yes’),3) == 'Yes’, ‘true’, ‘false’)

Here intnamefield is looked up field and this formula goes to field to be hidden.

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@ManuelSimon This Yes/No column is main column selected in lookup column settings or extended column (additional shown column)?

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Hi @ManuelSimon 

this works for me:

=if(endsWith([$intnamefield],'#Yes'), 'true', 'false')

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