Communication Site Vertical Section Dimensions

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As of today we noticed that the vertical section on several of our sites seems to have changed size or rendering various app differently than yesterday.


For example, the call to action webpart displayed in the vertical section today looks smaller, image is a bit squished looking.  We have some powerapps that we display in the vertical section on various sites that previously never displayed scroll bars and as of today all of them are displaying scroll bars.


Not sure whats going on here however seems like overnight or recently vertical section dimensions have changed.

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@Dudditz Hello,

Could you please attach an image? I can maybe help you out with the design issues you are having.

Yours sincerely,
Aref Halmstrand

@ArefHalmstrand  Surprise, its back to normal and working as expected again across all sites.  Guess something was going on in the back-end.

Haha okay, nice ! :)