Code Snippet Web Part issue - adding "No-Width Optional Break"

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Hi all, 

I hope you are able to provide some ideas or feedback. I came across an issue that is driving me crazy.


I use the Code Snippet Web Part to share code with other colleagues, so that they can just copy and paste it where required. 


I have noticed, that for some unknown reason, after I save and publish a sharepoint page, there are multiple "No-Width Optional Break" added inside my code snippet. 


This causes issues when my colleagues copy the code and try to paste it into our software. The software does not allow these non printable characters and throws errors.


I am absolutely certain that these "No-Width Optional Break" are not in the code when I paste it into the code snippet.


Below you can see in the red highlights in word, that these breaks are in the code after I copied it form the SharePoint page. 

As a test I have removed all the break that are visible in word and pasted it again into the code snippet. After republishing and copying the code back to word, the breaks are there again. example1_No-Width-Optional-Break_added.png




Are you aware of this issues? Is there anything that can be done to prevent it? Or is there maybe another way besides the code snippet to share my codes?


Thanks a lot in advance.


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