Citrix Sharefile vs SharePoint for external collaboration

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We have been using both Citrix Sharefile and SharePoint/Teams for many years but hesitated to completely replace ShareFile with SharePoint/Teams on external collaborations. The drive for this potential change is to save costs because SharePoint is already part of our M365 package.


Currently Sharefile is used for external file sharing. We like it because it's extremely easy to manage both employees and guests, assign access and navigate from folder to folder. Low IT maintenance.


SharePoint/Teams is used for internal collaboration most of the time. We have not allowed external sharing yet at tenant level for DLP reasons and the concern of lacking visibilities such as what files have been shared and who has access to any files at any given time.


However, we do have some external sharing SharePoint/Teams sites but more work on IT team to set up Azure guest accounts upfront before they can be added to the SharePoint/Teams. Another disadvantage is the user experience that we need to navigate from site to site or one Teams to another. Not like Sharefile, it's just the folder structure.


Let me know if you have run into the same situation and what would you do. Thank you!



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Hi @MJCalvin!


We're in a similar situation, having used ShareFile for a few years and now taking advantage of O365, Teams, and OneDrive. ShareFile is quite a robust platform, however it has its limitations such as no aliasing/shortcuts, difficulty dealing with very large files and long file transfers, and expense if one needs dozens of seats (e.g., one for each employee in a large organization). I'm interested in your and others' experience saving and sharing for people outside the organization. When we first started using Teams, it took some practice, but we are nearly weaned from GoToMeeting. I wonder if we can do the same, moving from ShareFile to SharePoint. Cheers!