Changing our Tenant Domain name

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We have a newly added Office 365 tenant, and we chose a domain name as follow:-




We added users to the tenant + 15 SharePoint sites + 10 Yammer communities. but we need to change our Office 365 tenant's domain name, so is this possible? or we will need to create a new tenant with the new name and then migrate the users, SharePoint & yammer communities?

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Here is some guide on how to add another domain, once you add that you should be able to switch to that new domain, while creating a new tanant and moving everything is a last solution.

@PDostiyar  can you please explain your reply in more details?you mean if we add a new domain then we can rename our domain?

Once you create tenant with the name you can't, resp. there is no option to change it. Technicaly you are creating Azure Active Directory. It's really important choose right name before creating tenant name.
Your sharepoint sites will be created and available under name:, OneDrive etc..

Adding A domain means your users will be able to login with friendly name. e.g.

Answer is: if you want new tenant name, you need to create it and move/migrate data, users etc.

@Martin Kameniaryou are correct, so creating a new tenant and migrating over everything from one tenant to another is the solution @john john and sorry for the late reply but Martin got to be backup...

Hi, since there is no setting to change the SharePoint domain name in the Office 365 admin center after adding the custom domain, you can efficiently change your SharePoint tenant name using the below PowerShell cmdlets. The below one is also contain how to check the availability of domain as well as adding the domain.