Centralized Document Library and syncing/copying a selection to separate Document Libraries

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We have a research group that does all of the research for entire company. They publish their documents quarterly to their document library. There are six separate groups that then go and select a portion of those files and "download and upload" to their own groups' document library.


While they can use "Copy To" - I don't believe that the Copy To allows the updates to automatically sync from the centralized library out to the other document libraries.


We have tried the "Create a shortcut to OneDrive" but then it's all the files and the end users find it hard to go through all of the documents to find the exact ones that they want - so they go back to downloading/copying the ones that they want.


I know that one solution is for the groups to use the "link to", but the issue there is that these documents are included in reports for clients that all get combined into one larger PDF report. The PDF software we use (FoxIt) doesn't open the "Link to" document and the end user ends up having to download the file again.


While I am sure that I can figure out a way to create some "massive workflow" to make this work better - at any point the group may decide to add/remote one of these research documents and I would have to edit that "massive workflow" for them. 


Has anyone done anything along the lines of distributing segments of documents from one document library to another while allowing the centralized document library force the updates when they are updated?

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