Cannot create the field Lookup with Picker


Migrating a list from SharePoint 2013 to SharePoint Online which has Lookup with Picker column -  using a third party



During the  migration - Migration tool shows  - Cannot create the field Lookup with Picker because the type 'LookupFieldWithPickerMulti' is not supported in SharePoint Online.


These Columns are not getting created in SharePoint Online.

Is there any alternative solution for this in SharePoint Online ?

Can we use  Taxonomy/Managed metadata instead of this column ?

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@Sajith G H Since that column type does not exist in SPO you will need to convert the column into one that is supported in SPO.  I'm not sure what tool you are using to migrate but some have the ability to change a column type during the migration.  Otherwise you will need to inquire about changing the column type in your current environment before you migrate.