Can we sync a sharepoint list which have Calendar view inside outlook

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I have a SharePoint custom list and I add to it the Calendar view, as follow:-





now can we sync this list to our outlook calendars ? and/or create a ics invite from it?



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To sync a SharePoint custom list with a Calendar view to Outlook calendars, you can use the "Connect to Outlook" feature. Here's how you can achieve this: Connect SharePoint Calendar to Outlook: - Open the SharePoint calendar you want to connect. - Click the Calendar tab at the top left of the screen and select the "Connect to Outlook" option from the ribbon. - Follow the prompts to establish the connection between your SharePoint calendar and Outlook. - Once connected, you can manage and view the SharePoint calendar directly from Outlook.

Hello @johnjohn-Peter


not per default, but you can create a Power Automate Flow like this:


As background. You have "only" a custom list. The default Events list is an SharePoitn list too, but they have an action to create an ics invitation: 



When you use a groups connected team site, then you have an Exchange calendar in there to sync the entries: 



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@RathoreShakti this will only work if i have a calendar list not a custom list. in my case i do not have a calendar list i have a custom list with calendar view